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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

TAG Bag for Grandson Gift

This is a bag I made for keeping the books, cord, Pen and everything for the Leapster TAG reading system that we're giving our grandson (5 years old) for Christmas.
Gee - can you tell they live in the Indianapolis area?

I didn't use a pattern, but figured out what needed storage and size of things in hand, and with 1/5 yards of the Colt fabric(way gobs too much) and 3 fat quarters o the black and white, had enough to create this bag with great body utilizing PELTEX 70 which is really, really thick, stiff 'interfacing' I guess you call it. I do carry it at my site. It was first introduced under the the name of TimTex - not sure if that product is still available - but soon the major manufacturers started carrying their versions. What I have and used is not fusible on either side, but it is available with one or both sides fusible as well. It is very easy to stitch through - which I did, making each section: flap, front, back, bottom and sides (cut bottom and sides 3" wide by the way). I used a 90 Denim needle to hep get through everything. The seams are bulky with it in there, but I trimmed out most of it.

I also lined it, creating a pocket on one of the sides inside for the PEN, and on the other side for the cord that hooks it to the computer. Also, along the back inside I have a pouch with divisions in it to store all the AAA batteries.
Here's an inside view:

The flap closes with Velcro, and I interfaced the strap with purse batting.

I'm hoping he'll like it and it will keep this 'valuable' learn-to-read system all together.

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