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Friday, October 08, 2010

Talking Pattern™ url corrections

EEEKS - while I and my publisher/printer try VERY hard to check every dot and tittle in my publications, it appears that a few have snuck by us.... so if you purchased either of these two patterns, please read below and make the corrections that will be obvious to you when you look at the url that gets you to the 'Talking' portion which is printed INSIDE the booklet you purchased!

  • Chosen - use a small c in the url - not a capital c. Also - the last url mistakenly has tm after the 'c' word - eliminate the tm. My printer is graciously reprinting to correct this.
  • Genesis Too - in the url, simply insert a period, a dot in the url before the 'com'. I tried to manually correct most of these - but obviously missed some. This pattern has sold so furiously, that I have a new big bunch that is all correct now.

while I try my very hardest...I'm humbled and comforted to know and believe that ...
only God does things perfectly!

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