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Monday, September 27, 2010

Travel/Show Update

Novi is over - and it was super! Thanks to all of you who visited my booth, made a purchase, and also those who selected my classes, and took in my fashion show!

Eeeks - I am sure thankful for microphones! The last day my voice all but disappeared.

Helper Vickii has taken me back to my memories of my Grandma - by urging me to put Vicks Vaporub - under my nose and on the soles of my feet! At least I can breath through my nose - and that is unreal for me when I have a cold!

Garmin failed me today - did not 'recalculate' when we were on I-75 south and she was saying we were fine on I-80 East. Oh well.....

Especially thrilled with how well my new 'baby' Creative Jacket Journey was received. Anxious for feedback to come in - so as you watch it - please let me know!

Sold out of so many of my KITS for my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets - I went all over the Novi show buying more goodies and will try to find the energy to make some more when a few supplies arrive from dear hubby at home via UPS.

My old High School buddy Vickii and I are having a ball - and wow was I thankful for Carole's help.

All propped up in a Hampton enjoying Dancing with the Stars! LOVE the outfits - one of the most fun parts - and then hubby and I 'dance' a bit ourselves...
WILL try to figure out how to get those photos of the Passion for Fashion Contest out of my camera and into my laptop - when I feel better!

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