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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

LUV, LUV the newest THREADS Magazine!

The November 2008 (WHY oh WHY are the months on magazines SEW far in the future?) THREADS arrived yesterday - kept me awake last night! This is the BESTEST issue I've seen in awhile. I devoured most of it - but can't wait to settle down and REALLY digest "Behind the Seams at Chado Ralph Rucci" with Claire Shaeffer and "Gussets in Facings" by Kenneth King. Even though what I am sewing these days is about as far from those fashions as possible, I love vicariously enjoying the process by reading the how-to's.

The New Look 6632 jacket as reviewed on page 22 is the perfect inspiration for a chenille by the inch and tape measure twill tape embellishment placement on the current sweatshirt transformation I'm at work on. I'll post pictures soon .

AND - page 66 - note those JUMBO SNAPS on Marcy Tilton's jacket. I CARRY those ! Just figured out they are not on my site - I'll fix that pronto and come back and add the link...
I love the way the side on the back of the overlap still make a 'statement' by the way in which they are stitched on! Another idea for a jacket of mine...the next one 'up' on my design table, no doubt.

In fact, I carry LOTS of what is in this magazine - here's a listing...

Bobbin Buddies - pg. 14
Bobbin Winder - pg. 26
Vegetable Ivory (Tagua Nut) Buttons - pg. 32
Acid Free Tissue Wrap and Storage Box- pg. 42
Iron Off - pg. 57
African Buttons - pg.73
Jumbo Snaps - pg. 66 as seen on Marcy's jacket
Neopague and Lumiere Paint - Starter Kit - pg. 66
coming any day ...
Stitch Dissolve Distort - book pg. 18
Studio Kat purse patterns - pg. 88
Oliver+S children' patterns - pg. 14

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