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Friday, August 29, 2008

YEAH! A Pro-Life, REAL Woman --- who wears a SKIRT!

Happy tears - as a woman, as a strong Christian whose pro-life stance guides all my life and political decisions, as a Mom, as one with a deep concern and love for the disabled, I am thrilled beyond measure with McCain's decision to select Sarah Palen as his VP running mate. Wow! This woman has guts - and she is a down-to-earth woman that I do surely identify with. Plus all that - she has the good sense to honor her female gender by wearing a suit with a SKIRT! I hope she keeps it up during the tough days ahead. I've been praying daily for this election, and today I surely see God's hand!


Mom2fur said...

Everything I've read about Sarah Palen tells me she's a remarkable woman. I'm glad McCain picked her, too! While I know I'd never vote for the Democratic ticket, I'm not so keen on McCain, either. But Sarah sounds like a woman who knows her own mind and isn't afraid to stand by her beliefs.

Londa said...

Praying that she has the wisdom to wear a skirt/suit again this evening for her speach. Wondering...does SHE decide what she wears, or is that all 'decided by the spin doctors' too? I have a sneeking suspicion this woman will NOT be told what to wear - hope so!

I'm also holding her and her family in my prayers - this must all be so mind-boggling for them - even without their current challenge - which I strongly identify with, having gone through the same with our daughter. God blesses valueing of life. HE turns everything to HIS glory for those who believe in Him.

Londa said...

September 4 and 5th - I continue to be grateful that the Republican women - Cindy and Sarah BOTH honor their gender by dressing beautifully - as WOMEN! Personally, I liked the grey jacket Sarah wore last night - at the final session - better than the one from her speach. From my textile knowledge base - it appeared to me that both Cindy's blue suit AND Sarah's jacket were of a shiny silk shantung. For the wonderful body you saw, be assured that both were beautifully made and that 'look' was accomplished by UNDERLINING - most likely silk organza utilized. Anyone else like to guess/comment?