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Friday, July 18, 2008

Webisode Taping Report

Lasat week was sure a whirlwind. But... Fun! I started it out flying from Bloomington, IL to Cleveland, IL. Once I was in the hotel, my wonderful hostesses called inviting me to dinner - which is always fun with a bunch of sewing-crazy women! The next morning I was the first one to 'tape' my webisode - but BEFORE that - I got my makeup professionally done!!! Guess where she started??? With my eyes! Before even any foundation was applied. Reason? The eye stuff falls on the cheek anyway - so that is her technique. Full of praises and compliments(which, I noted, she was with everyone), it sure elevated the confidence factor. I had 'done' my hair - which she said was great - but then the microphone doohicky behind your neck and around up to your mouth was weird - and had to be adjusted over and over, so I really wonder how it will look - anyway, I know we are all our own best critics. Sew...I'm sure it will be OK. Of course, I prepared PLENTY to share/teach about my creation of my 'Creative Sweatshirt Jackets' - but it seemed to all go very well.

This is all for the Pfaff-sponsored Since I personally sew on a Pfaff, it was especially 'special' for me. This site began as an education vehicle for dealers only in 2007 - but was so well-received, that it expanded then to a subscription site.
Just click on the site above and go read all about it. Definitely worth it if you are 'into' sewing!!!
They put up a new 'webisode' every 2 weeks. No - I don't know when mine will 'go up' -0 but as soon as I do, I'll let you know!

It sure was all as different as you could get from my basement, down-home taping we did for my DVD with being in a full fledged Studio with Director, numerous cameras, sound, background, etc., etc. The saving grace was knowing that they EDIT! Not a 'live' event by any means.
I had to run off pretty much as soon as it was done to catch my plane back to Illinois - WHICH of COURSE was late - making me miss my connection in Chicago - so instead of staying overnight at O'Hare, I opted to fly 'home' to Champaign airport - and then wonderful hubby drove me to Bloomington to pick up my precious checked box of samples, and my car.
The next day was spent packing for the American Sewing Guild Conference - check out the next posting.

All-in-all, lots of fun. NOT nerve-wracking at all - and definitely looking forward to seeing it!

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