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Friday, July 18, 2008

As seen on Oprah... 10 Things a Woman Must Have in Her Wardrobe?

Caught Oprah the other day...not that I usually do. While I admire her, I feel she has become a 'god' to many in her own rite. Not mine, thank you. Too many choices are 'ok' in her book. Not mine.
Anyway -
She had a fashion 'expert' on there and I scribbled notes while he showed his version of the '10 Things a Woman Must Have in Her Wardrobe". Made some sense - but in my 'book', just because some mortal says it doesn't necessarily make it true. Truth in fashion? Little, I'd say. My comments follow...
1. Trench Coat - a Bright 'kick' color - I'd say: in a color that is good for YOU (your hair color, perhaps your eye color).
2. A Turtleneck - black or white - I'd say: a basic top. If you have a real short neck, perhaps a turtleneck is not your best - maybe a mock turtleneck, or a cowl. DO be careful of what 'neck' you show depending on the shape of your neck though - and that was his legitimate point. Also - I ? black or white. I was taught in my color training never to wear a white whiter than your teeth - and though many have beautiful (worked on) smiles these days - I believe that is still true - whatever 'white' your teeth are (or have become) don't go whiter than that. Black is good, but that close to your face - if you've aged, or have lighter, softer coloring - I think not. Other dark basics may be MUCH better for YOU.
3. Black Trousers - if petite, tapered. If hippy - fuller. Now - THAT I AGREE FULLY WITH!
4. Tunic - Yep - agree. Belting or not belting may be key for you though. Be careful on length - BEware to NOT cut yourself in half!
5. White Jeans - not on MY hips, thank you. Perhaps light khaki - but not white. Again - my humble opinion.
6. Dark Jeans - Yep - agree. If a choice between too large and too small - I'd rather look like I lost weight rather than I need to lose weight - thank you.
7. Black Dress - Yep - agree. If black is not your best color, just expose some skin between 'you' and where the dress starts to 'soften'. Jewelry could be all important to bring light colors in 'you' - your hair, etc., down into the 'dress'.
8. White Denim Jacket. Why white? Again - see my comments above. I'd opt for a color in tone with the jeans - or both pair myself.
9. Black Skirt - Yep - agree. Careful of the length! Be sure it ends at a place on your leg where it indents - not a wide portion on your leg.
10. Timeless Cashmere Sweater - I suppose. I've lived this long without one though. Do not wear well. High maintenance. I'd say any classic sweater style- or better yet, any classic sweater set in your eye color.

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Martha Arnold said...

Londa- Thanks for the tip about white and one's teeth- I had never heard that before and it does make sense! I have seen lists like this before and wondered why anyone would think white jeans looked great on every body. Thanks for your comments on this list- as a mom of a busy 5 year old, white tops and bottoms aren't in my wardrobe at all!!

Anonymous said...

Londa, I caught your sweater/jacket workshop in Chicago. I agreed with you...don't get stuck in sewing something in duplicates. Keep the creative juices flowing. wm