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Thursday, August 30, 2007

What Londa's been up to...

August 20 - 27 found my hubby and I in Nashville, TN at the AQS Quilt Show. We had our customary corner booth to 'sell our wares', and I got to teach - 3 times! The most exciting was a SOLD OUT class to 200 for my "Creative Sweatshirt Jackets - Londa's Way". That was really a great experience for me - actually my first 'big' teaching on the sewing circuit 'gig'. In fact, I've proudly kept my name badge with "Instructor" Ribbon. It was fun to meet more customers 'in person', and even ran into Ann Henderson, Editor of Creative Needle Magazine. I'd written an articles for that magazine back in the early 90's, and hope to do the same again. Another 'keeper' is the current monthly sales bulletin from Brewer Sewing Supplies advertising to other stores my 3 books in CD and DVD about my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets.

Proud also to report my first book: Creative Sweatshirt Jackets will be in the Nancy's Notions catalog again soon, and all 3 of my books in her catalog out in February or so.

I'm hard at work on my first 'pattern'. Due to lots of requests for specific jacket 'patterns', I've decided that when I come up with a design that can be executed in many different ways depending on the accent fabric, etc., that I will do a pattern. My current goal for the release of the first one is the upcoming Round Bobbin Show in St. Charles, MO. Sept. 22-24. Five 'piles' crowd my design table as I write!!!!!!!!!! Goodie, goodie - LOTS of creative sewing to do.....

I'm all ready to teach my very newest class: Design Principles for Creative Sewing at that show!

For a sneek peek, see the shadowed jacket behind my new website:

I have all kinds of ideas for this new website - including a 'club' where you get points towards receiving a free or reduced price on a pattern when you reach a certain level, AND a charity item on which I will donate a portion of every sale. Even my patterns and books delivered via the internet as 'e-books'. My elected 'charity' is the Israel Sewing Network of Dr. Deborah which you can read about HERE. All these developments will take some technical learning (or pulling out of my web-smart son!), but they WILL happen - so stay posted!

Once home from the Round Bobbin Show, I won't even unload the cargo van - but check in some new inventory and then off to the American Sewing Expo in Novi, MI. I'm looking forward to teaching my 3 hour class there - which combines my Creative Sweatshirt Jacket presentation with the Design Principles for Creative Sewing AND students trying on my collection of jackets for design and flattery evaluation. Read about that class here. It will be good to get that 'under my belt' before I offer it at the Houston Quilt Show.

I'm actively asking for testimonials regarding my products and service, for use on my websites. If you are a satisfied customer, and would be so kind as to write a recommendation on my products, classes (if you've taken from me at a show), etc., I'd really appreciate receiving that via email to me at: I will give only your first name and state in the testimonial -

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