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Saturday, August 18, 2007

ramblings on BIG

Can't help but BIG has seemed to become so all-important in our culture:
BIG cars, BIG meals, BIG drinks, BIG stores...and BIG houses!
Attended a local showcase of homes here in central illinois...and the BIG homes just amazed me. I did get some great ideas regarding flooring that my 'normal sized' home desparately needs.
But, I couldn't help but be saddened by what it seems we have come to think we 'need'???
Heated floors in our bathrooms? Wood-finished closet organizers-true theatre seating in our 'family' rooms? Ceilings so high that 'normal' furniture looks dwarfed - therefore BIG furniture. Rooms for gambling? Granite countertops everywhere? 2 kitchens (one on one floor and almost an entire other one in the 'basement'?) Flat screen huge TV as the 'centerpiece' above a mantel? 1/2 a million $ may not seem like much to those of you on the coasts for housing, but around here it is - well, excessive to most of us. BIG house and tax payments, that's for sure. At well over 50, I'm happy that attending such a display doesn't create 'need' in my heart. However...I wonder/worry about younger people though? Do they think this is 'normal'? Is this what it takes to feel 'successful?" How important do we think we are, anyway? What good could be done with all that money? Just my opinion...
The crowning touch on the evening was, when exiting the last home, a fireball bright coral-orange sun setting in the west with subtle streaks across it. BIG - FREE - a blessing and message from God reminding me that the best things in life - HE gives, and they are free! I'm glad I know him through his son, Jesus. I hope you do too...

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