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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wow! What a surprise. Chloe has won the Project Runway for the year. I was so afraid that the arrogant guy with the pony-tail would win. I just saw the news posted by Rueters on Yahoo. Has anybody seen any TV coverage? This may be old news for all I know, I am so out of touch sometimes.

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Londa said...

I agree - and posted somewhere else that Santino needs to stick his head in Proverbs EVERY day!
I thought Chloe's collection was the only worthwhile one in the end. Daniel forgot he was designing for the runway I think. What fun this series is...can't wait for the next one! All in all though - I thought the first season's designers had more originality. I think what is good about these reality series is that kids of today see people losing - which, I'm afraid, they aren't allowed to see much in the schools today - where everyone has to 'win'.