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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fashion Accesories

Hello All You Fashionistas,
I am wondering if any of you have purchased Diane Pemberton's new e-book about fashion acessories and what is your opinion of it. Does it have information that is beyond the obvious?
By that I mean does it have more helpful information than, "do not wear boots with a sheer summery dress," or "flip flops with a business suit."
Thanks for you input,


Londa said...

YEs, Yes, Yes!!!
This e-book on accessories is the most comprehensive book I've seen. Yes - some stuff is classic, and you've read it before, but I think well worth the money!!! I got it when it had all the extras for early purchase though...just not enough time. I've printed it all off and plan to devour it on the next car or plane ride!
Go to: to purchase it and as an 'affiliate' of Diane's - which I'm proud to be - I get a 'commission' on your purchase. Thanks!

KEVIN said...
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