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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sites to check out...when it's too hot to be outside!

Here is a great website for you fabric - olics out there:

I also LOVE the books, Cotton, Silk and Wool - each in essence entire textile classes. These are always advertised in the back of sewing magazines, and I carry them on my website. GREAT summer reading!

Some other websites I was referred to by my friend Diana Pemberton of The Clothing Chronicles -

I must admit that only briefly scanned these - but enough to know they hold a vast wealth of knowledge, information and entertainment. I guess I'm just not yet into entertainment on the web, since I spend so much of my days on the computer with business!

Right now, early August will find me absolutely driven to a sewing fix!!!! After building the final of my family of sewing websites, I am computer-ed out!

The last weeks have found me super busy sorting, labelling, deciding, ordering, checking in, playing with new fabrics, etc., etc., etc., for the booth I'll have for the first time at the American Sewing Guild Conference in Nashville next Wed through Saturday. Ahhhhh - for a real sewing fix - this promises to be a heaven. I wish you all could come - and hope to meet some of you there in person! Now virtually all my stock is packed, and you should see the hilarity of my digging to fill orders as they come in.... o well - kind of like snooping through Christmas packages I have to tell myself...

My New sites: great scissors from Kai, Mundial, and WolffUSA only notions that I personally use and love and recommend my version of all the great notions Clover has to offer.

And my daughter has hers launched as well: - great selection of interesting, different, educational toys.

Stay cool.............


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