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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Copying Ready-made garments

I just posted this as a comment under the Jeans discussion - but in case some of you might miss those increasing comments under that topic, I'm placing this also as an additional post.

Anonymous:Please know you don't have to tear apart a garment in order to get a pattern from it. Do consult th most recent THREADS Aug-Sept article using tape to do this by my pal, Jean Haas. It is ingenious. Also - in High Fashion Sewing Secrets by Claire Shaeffer, good directions can be found on copying a garment. I've done this, taught it, and it it works!!! Do let us know if you try it and your results...


mumtomanyuk said...

Where will I get THREADS Aug-Sept from? It will have to be somewhere that will post to the UK, also Fashion Sewing Secrets sounds good too

Londa said...

I think I have an extra copy around here I would gladly sell you. Email me at and we'll work out the details.
THREADS is worth subscribing to by the way - and I'll be they mail to the UK.