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Monday, May 02, 2005

Londa (me) in my absolute favorite, wear-every-day "Comfort Jacket"! Yep - a few buttons are missing. Doesn't matter - I never button it anyway. I like: the pockets - to get tiny things from one spot in my house to another - the tight lower sleeves (though a knit, so stretches some), the shortness of the sleeves - I can do dishes without getting them wet! I don't know - it just works for me - I'm often in my basement design studio where I sew, do lots of computer work on the flat screen, etc - and it is chilly down there - so this just works for me. The best gift I think I ever received! My husband laughs at me in it. It is on my list to copy and make a pattern for so I can make myself some additional garments just like this! I learned how to do this from Marcy Tilton - not that hard!
Sew... what is YOUR favorite garment? The one you grab for every day when you just wanna veg out - or attack your work - or your hobby? Post pictures here and share it.

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