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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Great Photo Tool

Playing/exploring more with the AMAZING and FREE software called Picasa2 is what is on my list of 'fun' today!

I highly recommend that you download it and play around with it yourself as well.

This software plus the other FREE program called HELLO - developed by the BlogSpot people (all Google-related) are what will make it EZ EZ for us all to share our photos here at the Blog -

additionally, I'm confident that you will thank me many times over for bringing this picture and photo organization tool to your attention. For myself, I know I have pictures spread all over my computer in various places, and this tool promises to help me get organized in a way that I can SEE the pictures as I do it and then find them to 'use'.

Also - I've come up with an idea regarding keeping you up-to-date on the 'good stuff' that has been posted and commented on on the Blog. I am assembling all members' emails in a new group in my newsletter manager and will soon start sending out a weekly summary of posts and comments. This way, I am taking on the 'chore' of pulling out the new stuff so that you can quickly and easily come to the Blog and read what you care to - without searching through everything.
Thanks, Joan, for bringing this 'challenge' to my attention!



Joan said...

Ahhh, thanks, Londa for the encouraging comments about the Photo Management Software. Yes, I too have my photos scattered here and yon and would like to get them better organized.
I am glad to know that you found a solution for us to make it easier to locate the latest comments.....altho' it does make more computer time for you, therefore less time at the sewing machine or squeezing your new grandson.(grin)

Joan said...

Oh my gosh! I just downloaded the photo management program that Londa recommends and it is great.
I just did the first step and took a look around, and sure enuf' there all my photos all in one place ready to be edited organized, labeled moved around, posted on the Blog or elsewhere. If you haven't done it yet, try it. I think you will like. It doesn't preclude any other additional ways you want to identify or sort them , just has them all in one place at one time.