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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Yea Anyway for our Illini!

Our community is wonderful - you should have seen the 20,000 + turn out at the stadium to weocome our hero Illinois Basketball team back from their championship NCAA game.
Wouldn't have been any different - even if they'd won. In our hearts - they have, all year long.

My camera got left at my daughters' house - where the BABY is! HOpefully will come with him tomorrow for the evening - and I'll get some pics of my most recent creations.

Having fun doing lettuce edging with the serger on the lower ribbing of the sweatshirts - cut off and used at the neck and cuffs. Just finished a jacket this evening using an old floral tablecloth.


1 comment:

Joan said...

Londa, your Illini represented themselves well, and I know you must be proud of them.
I will be glad to see some of your recent creations-and what an interesting idea, a jacket from and old tablecloth! The wheels are turning in my head---I love that idea, especially for a colorful third layer for the spring/summer.
I finished the Loes Hinse Shawl Collar jkt., but I haven't a clue as to how to post it on this site. You want me to send it to you as an e-mail attachment in jpg. format and then you can post it if you want to?
Has anyone else out there got any garments to add to Londa's customer gallery???