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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Go ILLINI! and other things to ponder

Yea for our University of Illinois Illini!

I hope you caught how the 'Rev' - a great young Christian Man, Roger Powell, acknowledged our Saviour right when they won - and then again in his interview right after our victory...

On another note - I'm struck by the attention of the Pope's death. Pretty hard for the press to make that 'politically correct'! I was privileged to visit Rome - I think it was 1993 with my husband - a machine 'reward' trip with Elna. An experience of a lifetime. St. Peter's Basilica is awesome. Go there if you can.
Of all the places we were privileged to travel during the shop years, Rome was the BEST! I have a very special embosssed soft green leather swing coat from there I'll always love. Anyway -to see the transformation of Rome from the days when they fed the Christians to the lions in the stadium - and realize that the church is named for Peter whom they hung upside down...what a heritage we have! I personally hope much connection is made between the value the Pope put on all life to the Terry Shiavo sad, sad story. For me - I think suffering is part of God's plan, and brings out the very very best in people.

Meanwhile - I think (hope!) the value of all my orange creations just went up! You wouldn't believe how much orange I've been sewing. Just finished fancy Tee, 6 skirts and a silk jacket almost done. Not bad for a week...

Go ILLINI! This is our 100th year too. An assistant Coach lost his wife to breast cancer (I think) this summer, as well as Coach Weber his mother a few weeks ago. This really is a wonderful story. I'm confident the moral leadership of Roger Powell has much to do with it as well.

Guess what color I'll be wearing to church tomorrow? Last Sunday - Easter - our Pastor pulled out the local newspaper with UNBELIEVABLE! as the headlines as the followup to our miraculous win over Arizona the night before. He said that if there were a newspaper in Jerusalem in Jesus' day - that would have been the headlines on Easter Sunday as well.

Hugs -

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