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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Two Jkts. Completed

I have the LH Shawl Collar Jacket Pattern from Londa completed, and also a LH Bolero Jkt. from a heather teal knit purchased recently from Londa. I would be glad to send pictures and a little write up.....but I do not have a clue how to do it. Londa, I could send the photos directly to you via an e-mail with attachment, but I don't know whether that will help or not.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I am not finding this site user friendly for this inexperienced techie. How do we know if a post has comments posted on it??? How come hardly anyone is posting messages??? Any feedback anyone??? Or is it just me???


Londa said...

Joan - and others - thanks for your patience. I'm learning too, and have been otherwise occupied at the sewing machine these last weeks preparing items for sale this weekend.
Watch for great developments here next week! I've lots to share from the constant learning that takes place while constantly sewing...
To make a comment - you must be a 'Team Member' of the blog. That is part of being 'invited' and accepting the invitation.
To make a comment - you click on the envelope to the right of the Comments at the lower right hand corner of the post. Then this box comes up - Leave Your Comment - that's where I'm typing now.
If there are comments on a post - the number shows there before the word Comments - and if you click on it, you can read the Comments.
I'll be posting more pictures - Joan, send me yours - next week.
AND directions for how to do so...

Joan - you're not alone in feeling technologically challenged. I think Membership in the Blog, and participation will help us all become more computer-wise. That's the way of the world - I'm convinced. There is so much good to glean and share via this technology - I, for one, don't want to miss out!

Joan said...

Here is my question about comments....Is there any indication anywhere except at the posted message that would tell us that a comment has been made on a specific post or do we need to check all the messages to see if there are any current comments? Londa, I hope your week-end show is a great success. You are truly one speedy sewer. I don't know how you do it!