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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Monofilament thread - Londa's Favorite Brand

As I create more of my creative Sweatshirt jackets for those upcoming Art Fairs, I am trying to 'use up' some older and different monofilament threads - and in doing so, I sure see why I have a favorite: YLI Wonder Invisible Thread - 100% nylon. Comes in clear and smoke.

AND, here is a warning - since I also frequently want to use it in the bobbin - I always keep a bobbin of each 'color' wound as well. Do NOT wind fast - or a full bobbin if your bobbins are plastic!!! If you do - you probably won't get it off the spindle.... I use plastic bobbins for most sewing on my Pfaff 7550, but for this thread - I have metal bobbins. With the metal, I CAN wind them full - which is a good thing - because winding the bobbins is a pain.

It depends on what I'm doing - if I want it 'invisible' - I use the clear thread in the smallest needle that will work for the top (usually a 75 Stretch for the sweatshirt work). Generally, I have regular matching thread in the bobbin. I also then greatly reduce the upper tension (lower number) so that the bobbin thread doesn't show up in little 'hints' on the top of the work.

Occassionally though, there are times when I have the work upside down - and want the clear to end up on the top - OR don't want the bobbin showing on the wrong side - so in that case, I would use the monofilament-filled bobbin.

I hope that is clear...

Just yesterday I was using a large floral cotton sateen fabric (from my stash-those are hard to find!), over top of the sweatshirt. I dropped my feed dogs, had the monofilament in the top, darning foot on, and regular thread in the bottom. Went like wild fire all around the flowers - VERY NOT exact - it really creates a fun, trapunto, rich look. The edges of the fabric then, was stitched close and then a narrow boucle yarn couched down around all the edges with a zig zag with the clear thread in use - again.

Try it - YLI Wonder Invisible Thread. I always have it in stock... :)

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