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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meeting Huckabee

What a night! Met Gov. Mike Huckabee in person - photo proves it! Handsome buy on the right is my dear Hubby, Charley.
He was here in Champaign, IL to raise money for a home for unwed mothers. This man is so wise, so humble, so 'Lincoln'ess'.
He is the first one in his family to even graduate from HIGH SCHOOL!
I told him I pray daily for clear guidance from God regarding if he should run for president. I pray he will! I think he will!
His message was that in the Declaration of Independence it was so novel of an idea that we were all created equal because at that time - that really didn't seem to be the case - it was more how much land you owned, or your family name....... but THAT idea, that we were created EQUAL, and endowed with unalienable rights by OUR CREATOR - gives each one of us value. And that means ANY human being - whether in the womb, or in a nursing home.
Once we determine a human's worth based upon finances or social 'interruption' - and when you get down to it, those are the 2 determining factors used to argue in favor of abortion - we have set the bar (very , very dangerously) LOW. My mother is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's. Yes, it is a monetary drain. Yes, she is not 'contributing' the way some 'see' it. But she is my Mom, and God has her here for a purpose. Until HE calls her home to heaven to be with him, there is something for me to learn from her. She has rights, she is worthy of our love and our support.
THAT's the kind of president I WANT and PRAY for!
Join me in praying that Mick Huckabee run, and WIN! And reclaim our dear land for God, as it began.

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