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Friday, April 16, 2010

New 'Chosen' Interpretation

I cut out a 'regular' jacket using a Vogue princess line jacket pattern yesterdy. Fabric is a linen/cotton small neutral stripe.
THEN, out of the print linen i bought to go with it - I cut the large Crescent Collar from my CHOSEN pattern.
Goal is to stitch up to show that my designs/patterns can be used on a base other than a sweatshirt!

After this weekend here in Pittsburgh as speaker for the ASG Anniversary Event - I can't wait to get SEWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This jacket, then a black linen one using the large scarf collar from my new LIVING pattern.
Then... some new jackets to create my TRUNK SHOW as will be offered to shops carrying my patterns...debuting at the Spring Quilt Market in May in Minneapolis.

Then...there's the new pieces I have great fabric saved for to wear to my 40th High School Reunion...

All this sewing??? In my dreams...but I'll try my best. I really need a sewing FIX!

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