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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Buttonhole Elastic Alteration for Skinny Kids

My #1 Grandson, Cole is just SO teeny! His waist is about a 3T - but he's getting pretty tall - so we buy Size 4 - but then the pants fall off of him. So - it's BUTTONHOLE ELASTIC to the rescue.
I was reminded of this ...

1. When the pants I just bought him were falling off and he was walking with his legs all wide apart-trying to keep them from falling off...

2. I just got an order for 15 yards of Buttonhole Elastic. Bet the customer is a Mom or Granny with the same issues as described above. Find Buttonhole Elastic by just using the SEARCH tool in the upper left hand corner...that tool is AMAZING - at my site: Londa's Creative Threads. Have it on my order again - as i ALWAYS sell this cool stuff. ( A bunch of loose ends are up in my End of Season Clearance Department as well...)

Sew anyway - I was going to write a tutorial about how to do it - and since I'm squeezed for time, I thought I'd google for it - and found this great link - to a pretty cool blog from a gal homeschooling her kids, and living frugally in Ca.

Sew- her directions are just pretty darned great - so, try it!

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