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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I'm OFFENDED - Michael Jackson is NOT the King the first song played at his funeral was written to honor!

OK - like the rest of the world - I'm watching the Michael Jackson funeral on TV ...
I'm crying in sadness for this apostacy...
"Soon and very soon we are going to see the King" - sung for Michael Jackson!????
This song was written in honor of my Lord, and Saviour - the ONLY KING worthy of praise - God's son, Jesus the Christ.
The very, very sad thing is that our society has been so tricked by the evil one - that we conflict such a wonderful Christian Ballad for this human-made king. When will we learn? I can see God crying...

However, I do see that Michael Jackson did grow the God-given talent that he was blessed with to the fullest and it has blessed the world. That is a model we are all well-advised to follow. ANd WOW - could he ever dance!

The message of love and caring that some of his songs send is the one that we all need to embrace. In the end, however, it seems to me - in my humble opinion - that Michael let himself, or allowed others to let himself get in the way. I just fear that his fans have made him into an idol, a 'god' that - perhaps - he never wanted to be.

I do pray that he knew Jesus and is living in everlasting peace that seemed to elude him on this earth.

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