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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm AGAINST National Health Care

While I agree that health care is a mess - I also believe that the bills as have been put forth so far will be MORE of a mess. As a politically active (independent) Christian woman, my stand against this is based on 2 simple facts.

1. It is obvious to me that our "greatest generations" (my parents, and mine - of the Baby Boomers entering retirement age) will undoubtedly be denied health care we desire. The government will be deciding for us when our lives are not 'worthy' of the all-important $$$$. In the most popular program being considered is included "Every 5 years have a discussion with my doctor about end of life measures"???? THAT is a personal,moral, religious decision - one that I base on the sanctity of human life - and NOT One that I care to have my government involved in.

2. My tax dollars (AND a huge debt for my children and grandchildren) will be forced to pay for abortions! Planned Parenthood (largest provider of abortions in our country) is included in this program. I am completely and without any reservations TOTALLY AGAINST abortion. Yes, even in the case of rape or incest - as if, as an infertile woman in early marriage desperately wanting a child, I had been given the option of adopting a baby from those circumstances, it would have been a way to create something good out of something bad - and I'd have easily said yes. The programs being discussed all include tax $ being used for abortion - denying our future generations life. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have many tasks today, but first I am contacting the 'Blue Dog Democrats' (contact lists easily found via Google)saying THANK YOU for being the roadblock, and encouraging them to hold fast against this railroaded program.

I believe that entitlement mentality - selfishness is king here
. My hubby and I - like many of the baby boomers, are looking at the end of the 'formal working years'. His employer-provided health care is not great, and we have to pay dearly for mine though that program. We would love nothing better than to just do my business - traveling doing Sewing Expos, guild and shop engagements, and my website business. The thing holding us back is that we're not old enough for Medicare yet - several years away (he turns 60 soon and I am 'just' 57). Therefore, it would be easy to selfishly think that a government plan would 'solve our dilemna'. Well - I really don't think it would. AND, the 2 reasons I've stated above ON MORAL, RELIGIOUS grounds - prevent me from endorsing any such program - REGARDLESS of the 'benefit' it might appear to provide our situation.

If we could just all forget ourselves and what WE want NOW - and put others and our children and God's laws FIRST - most of our problems today would be immediately solved. As the man I most admire right now (Mike Huckabee) says - 'Just Do The Right Thing."

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