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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Glorious Wedding Report

Time to report and reflect on the Wedding of our dear daughter last Saturday, June 6.
Prayers for no rain were gloriously answered with the most beautiful, sunny, no humidity and warm evening day that I could possibly have imagined! Thank you to the Lord above for this answered prayer!
The only thing prettier than the weather was my daughter -

Couldn't have done it without the help of our friends from our Sunday night Small Bible Study Group each of whom we are SEW thankful for! Kevin, Joanne, Eddie, Cindy, and Mike - love you to pieces! Little Eric helped keep Cole busy...and our son, Jeff came to the rescue when Cole (ringbearer) had to go potty during the ceremony...and what a smart pastor to extend his words of wisdom until Cole returned so that they could go on with the Sand Ceremony which symbolized Carmen, Cole, and Chris - each a different color sand - becoming one family.

My talented son, Jeff, also did the graphics for wonderful programs quickly a few days before...what talent he has!

Ahhh - and Eddie and Mike crawling hurriedly into the woods where Cole had tossed the 'large metal 'ring' that he was to carry. Surely glad that wise pastor had said to put FAKE rings on it! I must say - I always thought it looked much like a Frisbee - though certainly refrained from calling it that...

No zipper on any dress I made broke! However, the snapshot above my brother caught shows me hand stitching up the zipper that had pulled away from the fabric on Chris' sister's dress. Ready-to-wear quality!!!

My 86 year old parents got there successfully with help of my brother and sister-in-law. I worked the lace from Mom's baby carriage as the cloth for the Sand Ceremony Table, the hanky that was my Grandma's that I'd carried at my wedding into the handle of Carmen's Bouquet, and Carmen also wore a blue heirloom ring that my Mom had given her...

Many little panics/emergencies that God aptly solved along the way of the preceeding week - but the most scarey one (next to having to replace the zipper in the wedding gown) was that when Carmen started off in Barney(my big purple Club ford Van) with all the food we'd prepared on Thursday for the 2 hour trip to Indi - the speedometer wasn't working - then it started lurching. I convinnced her she had to bring it to our trusty mechanic DJ's - and he figured out she had just turned the starter too far. Shewswwwwwww....... Another God siting in my book.

Friends from far away joined for the day, along with family that we were so honored to have with us...thanks for your efforts!

It occurs to me in reflection that as one prepares, "wedding' is more a noun. As it happens - and afterwards, "wedding" is more the verb it is meant to be. Wow - I ask forgiveness for all the trivia that so many weddings - including this one - can easily become. Though we had our share of all that 'stuff' - I honor my daughter that among all of it - she often said that the main thing was that she was marrying her best friend - and that, at the end of the day, that is all that counted.

God has blessed us with a wise one, indeed. And, now - a wonderful new son in the family. Thank you, Lord for your many, many blessings...

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Londa said...

Londa, Your daughter's gown is gorgeous, & you look beautiful in your dress too! You did a fantastic job! I'm so glad it didn't rain on her big day. Congratulations on everything. Lee Ann your sewing buddy from the Paducah show.