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Friday, May 15, 2009

Political Gripe - Why isn't having representation enough?

Just got one more email - and I'm sure the mail box will have at least 2 more appeals for money for whoever to fight more crazy government control and takeovers and pro choice stuff.
THEN - picked up the phone and called my congressman, and zapped off some emails to representatives to share my opinion.

WHAT I THINK is that if everyone would just voice their opinions - first at the ballot box, AND THEN CONTINUALLY to combat the effect of the lobbyists on their representatives in government, that this Democracy of ours would work just fine. If they don't represent my feelings, I just have to wait and vote them out next time.

If I sent $25 or whatever off to every appeal - it is just like another tax! I can't afford that - and they money they spend in the mailings - ughhh! Then you're made to feel guilt when you don't send off money. The ONLY money I will spend is a bit to support a candidate I believe in. Period.

That's the way our government works. The only change I'd make is TERM LIMITS!!! Perhaps 2 terms for any and all positions. Period.

Off my soap box.....and to listen to fair, balanced, and reasonable on FOX NEWS!!!

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