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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Buried with new website development

Yeeks - I feel buried - with the computer! I'm either in front of my new MAC in my office, in my basement Studio with the ancient PC, or in the family room with my laptop on my lap ... I feel like I have an apendage.

Why or why am I doing this??? I'd sure rather be designing and developing my new pattern for jackets from sweatshirts with face-framing collars - it already has a name: CHOSEN.....
So why??? Because the 'path' of the development of my online business has taken a long winding road, and ultimately - to make things easier via maintenance, new products, news, marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and adding valuable educational content to my site - ONE site will be far, far easier.

Like with anything - it is a process, and I already am well aware of how much I've learned by having to deal with 3 different 'platforms' as they are called in my current sites. That is making this a bit easier, and perhaps even a benefit for the developers at my new platform as I bring new features to them from my other sites.

I AM having fun, though, digging through the treasure chest of books, patterns and notions available at my main supplier - who recently joined with another long-standing business. A benefit of all this work will be MANY more products available on my site.

Thought I had found ALL those Christmas decorations - but, my Mom was right...she said "You'll surely find something tucked somewhere you forgot. Yep - sure have: the cookie cutters hanging from ribbons over my kitchen sink and then a SANTA was winking at me hanging from the curtain rod over the sliding patio doors. How about you?

Recently have signed up on and Anyone out there familiar with these?

Also - re-discovered, in checking my website links - This appears to be the new community of a gal I used to talk to all the time. It looks great - try it out!

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