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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Politics: Family is the MOST important issue to me

Family Values is the MOST important thing to me in the election hub-bub. As a professed Christian, I truly believe God has His hand on our country. But, I also believe He has given us this form of government, and our brains, and our free will to handle it responsibly.

As the family goes - so goes the country. And, that, currently - is one scarey statment.

The most balanced source I know of is

Click on this link for some reasonable, unbiased coverage.

Check it out. Form your OWN opinions - not those constantly fed to you by the media.

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Anonymous said...

I feel compelled to comment that it is not the gays who got us into this awful war that our children and grandchildren will still be paying for - besides all the families who have lost loved ones or who are now disabled. It seems to me that is the real evil of our time.

It somehow seems strange to me that so many of the 'prolife' people seem to care more about the lives of unborn babies than that our professed Christian president has sent so many young men to fight a war that didn't need to happen.