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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Democratic Convention fashions

Admission: I am not a Hillary fan - but I DO have at least some fashion sense, and I just want to go on record as saying that all along this crazy political year, I have found Hilary's fashions to be BORING! That orange she wore the other night - ALL orange - shell, jacket, pant - was such a yucky color on her - and SO boring! Couldn't she at least have found some jewelry??? I kept waiting for her to admit being a real woman and to wear a skirt or dress..... at least Chelsea (wow, she has turned into a lovely young woman!) had the good fashion sense to wear a skirt that night!

Michelle Obama - OK - the aqua dress she wore when she spoke was fine - (though still too tight over that behind for my good taste) but then can't she find a new designer or go to another rack for the dress she wore Wed night? How many attached flowers at the neckline can I take? Well - the one from last night with TWO flowers - or it appeared - was POOR design from all I've learned. AND, I'll also go on record as saying the 10 year old's spaghetti strap dress worn the night she spoke was WAY too grown-up and sexy for a 10 year old in my humble opinion!

Nany Pelosi - well she has looked great imho. Not that I like her politics, but at least she had great hair, makeup AND stylish clothing from what I saw.

As if all this made 2 hoots of difference......... sheesh, I just keep praying for our country, and that God keep his hand on this election!

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Anonymous said...

I was thoroughly amused by your assessment of the clothing, etc at the DNC. I agree with you on all counts, except one. I really liked Hillary's creamsicle suit. I thought it brighthened her up and was young looking, but hey, I am on an orange kick right now. It's interesting you mentioned the Obama's 10 year old - my exact sentiments! What is a 10 year old daughter of a presumptious (excuse me, presumptive) presidential candidate doing on TV in spaghetti straps? ......I'm hoping (and betting) we see more class next week at the RNC!