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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Newest Fabrics to Join my Stash

Am I stuck in a black/cream, black/white mode or what???? Perhaps it is because of all the positive comments I get on the jacket you see to the left - from my Worthy pattern.

Anyway - here are the fabrics I purchased at the ASG Conference - from Barb Callahan's booth. Can't wait to design with these sophisticated pieces! I need to find a Gingko tree around here so I can play with soome discharge stenciling on the body of the sweatshirt!


Anonymous said...

Really like this design. I have a few of your patterns and look forwarf to adding this one to my collection. Is this really black, it looks blue on the site? Love it anyway!

Londa said...

Yep - it's black. The Comfort Color Brand has black - and the inside is a wonderful grey. I'll post one of my other newest ones soon - utilizing the backside grey as accent.