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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cleaning out & BUSY Creating pattern: Promised

These days find me busy busy cleaning out the ENTIRE house! I started at the top and am to the basement. Watch my within the next month for a HUGE STASH SALE/AUCTION!

Meanwhile - spurred on by many requests for the pattern for the taupe ribboned 'loopy' jacket - AND my committment to Creative Needle Magazine to do a child's jacket for the September/October issue - I am slipping in some creative sewing/writing.

Here is a picture of a point in the creating process of my most recent jacket... it was quite a process - of creating, and changing my mind. You'll just have to wait for the pattern release to see the FINISHED jacket!

Also on my 'radar' is to create some spectacular jackets for a presentation I'll be doing for the St. Louis area American Sewing Guild on June 7.

I also feel I've zeroed in on a new charity to support - in Guatemala. Stay tuned...

Meanwhile - I HAVE uploaded a great new collection of buttons made in South Africa...

Find them HERE...

Off for an evening of testing just-burned DVD's while sitting in front the silly TV. ..

1 comment:

Gloria said...

I love the trim on the new Promised jacket. I can hardly wait for the pattern.

The African buttons are so awesome! The pictures just don't do them justice. I lusted after the blue flower ones in Paducah and am still trying to come up with a 'creative' idea to use them.

Also, the whole "you're not buying a sweatshirt, you're buying fabric" really hit home with the jacket I'm working on. I wish I had bought a bigger size so I had more 'fabric' for the overlap in the front. Ah well, live and learn.