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Monday, March 24, 2008

Great NEW stuff, ramblings, travels

April will be a CRAZY month - fun, but crazy!

NEW great stock has arrived - including Tagua Nut Buttons and Pendants, and the long-awaited Clover Pen Style Needle Felting Tool (new colors of wool and silk Roving, and Incomparable Buttons. My Creative Sweatshirt Jacket Kits are being well received too...what fun it is to just design (and not sew too) all the jackets in my head. After the Paducah Show - I'll get all this good stuff online for you to purchase, but right now you can click at the links below for those products. If you comment on my Blog - I will send you a coupon code for 10% off a Tagua Nut Button Order! However, You MUST send me an email that you have commented - as when you comment, that doesn't give me a way of contacting you to give you your coupon code. Email me at:

Clover Pen Style Needle Felting Tool

Clover Needle Felting Molds

  • Shows yet on my agenda include April 9 - 13 - International Quilt Festival in Chicago, and April 20 - 27 - Paducah Quilt shipping will be intermittent, and stock management a challenge, but I'll do my best to get stock to you just as quickly as possible.

  • We have a NEW (though lovingly used) van for our travels... It's purple, so we're keeping the name his last owner gave him: Barney. Sew far - so good. It's nice to have cruise control and arm rests! The Enterprise vans I've rented previously didn't offer those creature comforts.

  • I'm meeting some other "Londa's"! I could kick myself for not getting a picture of the 'Londa' I met at Puyallup, but here is my new friend 'Londa' I just met in Cleveland. I told her we all need to go to the "Londa First Couture Hotel" in Cyprus together ... We all seem to be about the same age (50's), and on the creative side. How cool is that?!?

  • Transformed - my newest pattern featuring great techniques for 'transforming' the bottom bands of sweatshirts into great collars and neckline finishes is available. Since I'll be gone, I can 'ship' the PDF format, but not the printed unless I'm home.

Here is a larger picture of the Green Batik jacket from this new pattern. It features my "Baseball Collar", but also a new product I'm carrying and excited about - bias cut strips of irridescent silk doupionni. I don't have these on my site YET - but after these shows, I'll get that done...

During January we were all torn up - and living in the basement while we had walls knocked out, painting, done, new carpet, flooring, kitchen counter and SINK! I think, actually, the sink is the most exciting! It's mounted from below and one of these 'soap stone' or something like that - anything and everything just washes off of it. No dishes or food are staying in MY new sink!!!!! Yea!!!

Next in line of excitement is my new kitchen floor! I asked around for years, and finally decided I did NOT want ceramic. This is a viny product - in large squares with grout on 2 sides - called Nafco. I LOVE it! A nice, medium, textured color - that shows next to nothing.

I the rest of you have it somewhere in your DNA that whenever you leave the house, that you have to leave a CLEAN, picked up house? As I scurry to do that each time - I wonder how my Mother managed to get that through my thick scull... Kinda nice though, to come home to a clean house. These next trips - my hubby gets left behind, so I an ease up on myself - I guess.

Grandson Cole is now 3 - and 'wants his birthday back' - he had so much fun. He's jabbering up a storm and just the cutest thing in the whole wide world... Lest you think your orders don't get some tender lovin' care - here he is under my order-filling station, 'helping Nana'. That bubble wrap is just SEW much fun!

Oh - and my email has changed: now it is: No one will buy me out - so that will be my email address forever - I hope! Insight got bought by Comcast - so the londasews one is now Arghhh - what a pain!

Sew... I've got computer work galore and more fabric than I want to admit sitting here waiting to be transformed into great new sweatshirt jackets. BUT, I just figured out last night that I can access the Beth Moore Bible Study 'programs' of Beth's lectures online at! Being gone so much, I can't participate in the newest study at church on the Psalms - Stepping Up - but I purchased my book, and now I have all the audios downloaded onto my computer for just $3.99 each - so I'm on a spiritual journey as I work. Another great site for 'woman stuff' from a Christian perspective is: click on Past Programs, and you can listen to any of the past great hour long radio interview type programs. Really, there's so much great stuff you can access with the computer - it is silly to be giving your attention to anything but that which is most worthy - imho.


PeaceInHim2 said...

Just beautiful....Linda

Claudia said...

Hello Londa!

I just reviewed your new jackets and love the "Refined" pattern. I think this one is a must have for me!

Haven't checked your 2008 schedule yet - hope to see you at the Novi American Sewing Expo this year.

Claudia T. in SE Michigan

Deborah O. said...

I absolutely love the selection of tagua nut buttons and pendants. The colors are wonderful. I can't wait to use some of them on the cropped linen jackets I am making for spring and summer! Most only need 1 or 2 buttons, and I have been looking for something just like this!! Thank you, Londa!