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Thursday, February 14, 2008

4 NEW Patterns just released!

They're HERE! My 4 newest patterns!!!!! I feel like I've given birth to quadruplets - really I do!

REFINED offers my solution for all that yuck under the armscyes - even MORESO than my quick technique! AND, All 3 jackets you see photo'd are included in this pattern - Step-by-Step. This pattern is only available printed - not PDF delivery, as I can't figure out (yet) how to include the pattern pieces. Yep - pattern pieces - that you trace and lay onto your cut apart sweatshirt. I've developed 2 styles. A flatter cap and armscye that works with the USA Comfort Color Sweatshirts and a more shaped cap and armscye for the Authentic Pigment Sweatshirts. Sizes Small, Medium, and Large are included, and easily adapted for larger sizes if the sweatshirt 'fabric' permits. This isn't an "Exact Science" because it can't be with the wide variation of the sweatshirts - but I've done my best! I'm quite pleased with the designs offered, as well - I think they're some of my very best, most 'sophisticated' styles. The Moss Green Jacket sports 3 GREAT BIG Crone Art 'buttons' in solid black. I encouraged them to do these - and I got in a bunch for the Puyallup Show the end of this month - awesome, awesome, awesome! My tasks before this show don't allow my scanning and getting them up on my sites available to all YET - but I will as soon as I return in early March. You won't believe how GREAT these are! The 'Denim Dash' jacket shows off the 'Incomparable Buttons' from Africa that look like ceramic, but are machine washable. That is another new line - to debut when I return from Puyallup.

PATHWAYS offers a distinctively different design - angling strongly. Wait til you read my lengthy, well-reasoned case for placing the emphasis on the LEFT shoulder as you look at the jacket! This jacket is best considered a 'top' - as it only looks good buttoned up. The strong diagonal line is flattering, flattering, flattering!

The lower left jacket - Blue Heather - sports use of yet another new product: Mary Flannagan hand-dyed Wools. I'm even carrying the selvaes and used them extensively in the trim on this jacket. Here you you see the flowers I created from the selvage to serve as the shoulder focal point and finish.

I created it on black silk organza, and then filled in the center with needle felting some of the great yarn I couched on the jacket.

The jacket on the lower right has a jeans bottom - just too cute!

UNITY gives the step-by-step directions for 'unifying' an old sweater or jeans, or cutting a sweatshirt horizontally and making it much more fitted. I love the concept. The bottom of the brown and black one is an old sweater - courtesy of Good Will shopping.

I hope you 'realize' the Christian philosophy and message behind the titles of these patterns. They are carefully and prayerfully chosen to signify Christian attributes, and to describe the design concept.

That is the entire idea behind my Creative Sweatshirt Jacket patterns. I'm so thrilled to be sending a tithe on them to the Israeli Sewing Project.

At first glance, my 4th pattern, entitled French Lick Skirt seems to divert from that genre of pattern names, but, alas, it is named after the great little resort town of French Lick, Indiana where I saw (and took many notes on) a great, full, 2 layer sheer skirt. It was such fun that year when I closed my retail shop for a week and took all my employees/friends to this resort for some 'girl time'. We cooked, ate, watched chick flicks, sewed. What a memory! Anyway - in the hotel gift shop, we spyed this skirt. I came home, developed it into a class that I offered, and it has started to sell again recently as a very, very rough 'pattern', so I decided to spruce it up and offer it 'for real' as part of my Londa's Creative Threads line. It is a 'you draft it' pattern - as I instruct you how to draft the gores according to your measurements. As spring fabrics come into the stores - play with 2 completely different sheets - see how one shadows through the other and the great effects you get. Pick up this skirt pattern for just $10 and have some fun!

I've got oodles more to do before this Puyallup Show before I fly off to it Feb. 25, AND the house is a wonderful mess as we're now entering our 4th week of some renovations - like new flooring, countertop, etc. BUT, I welcome your comments on my 4 newest patterns!

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