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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Project Runway - Bravo TV

Treat yourself to enjoying Project Runway...
I love, love, love this 'reality' TV. What a great escape. The new (2nd) series started Wednesday night - and you should have seen what these designers created from 6 yards of muslin! The following hour, it went on for the first challenge - which was to design something representative of their work using ONLY what they were wearing! What fun!!! Find it at 9 pm CST on Bravo Network (and repeating at various times on Bravo). Do tune in - here is a link to info

Comment - with your prediction of the winner! My vote is for the tall guy with the ponytail - sorry, I forget his name - who did the aqua muslin dress that won. My heart wants the self-taught 'older' gal - equal to the "Wendy" of last season - to win though.
So..... what do YOU think?


Joan said...

I only watched the first one....just a little too much angst for me to sit still in front of the TV., However I agree with Londa, I believe the tall guy with the pony tail will win. The judges seem to really connect with him. Did the "older gal" get eliminated yet?

travisgonzo9067 said...
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Londa said...

WEll - I liked the Daniel from the first Project Runway - I thought his skills were awesome - he just needs time. Sew..l was sorry to see him "out'.
I thought his mistake began with his selection of the Black Lace.
The tall guy - Santino? I think he is stuck on ruching as his primary embellishment.

Joan said...

I watched this week. The tall guy had a melt didn't he? Personally I would have eliminated him. I thought his lingerie was tacky. He just squeaked by. Londa, is the Daniel that was eliminated the one you were pulling for? I was impressed with his class when he answered the judges defending his garments and also the remarks he made after he was told "aufweidersen"(sp). Anyone else watch it this week with any comments???