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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Five Worst Fashion Looks of 2005

I absolutely LOVE receiving the Clothing Chronicles newsletter (free) every 2 weeks from Diana Pemberton-Sikes. She has given permission to quote her newsletters - so here is a capsule of what she considers the worst fashion looks of 2005.

"1. PJ's as Daywear.
2. Flip-flops with Everything - boy do I agree with that as a 'worst look'!!!!
3. The "Skin" Belt (defined as cropped top/low rise waistband) on anyone but a slim, young thing.
4. Sweats + Designer Bag - Diana says: Poorly-chosen apparel can downgrade expensive accessories".
5. Paris Hilton Look-Alikes"
her newsletter explaines each of these as only she can - GREAT!

"Casual trend gone too far is her summary. Sloppy clothing has lead to slppy behavior and a complet elack of knowledge of basic wardrobe tenets. "

For some great fashion guidance, I highly recommend anything Diana does...
Click on this link to check it out - use some of that Christmas Gift Cash VERY wisely!



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Joan said...

Hu All,
I also subscribe to Clothing Chronicles. She is very helpful in protecting us from sewing or bringing home from the mall, all those garments that end up being "orphans" hanging in our closet. Who hasn't been guilty of doing that?

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