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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Let's Chatter about Pants

Good-Fitting Pants!
The reason many sew - or start to sew, I do believe.
As I type, I'm wearing a pair of those jeans - and you don't want a description of how far the back is scooping down and what it is revealing as I sit here! I finally made some belts of old ties (pictures coming soon) to pull them in and keep them up! Enough said...

My favorite pants patterns are:
Oxford Pant from Loes Hinse - I'm not a pocket person, so I forgo the pockets, and put on the elastic as she says, BUT do NOT stitch down all around creating that casing look - rather I stitch in the ditch vertically at each side seam, and CF and CB. It looks quite nice that way - and there isn't much fullness at the waist - because there are darts in it to control the fullness.
The legs are straight, but not too full - or skinny. Even my 23 year old daughter likes these!

SoHo Pant from Textile Studio - my favorite skinny pant - again with elastic, but this one has a side zipper - which I always use an invisible zipper for. Little vents at the side seams look good too.

One Seam Pants from Cutting Line Designs - formerly known as the $1700 Pant. I took this class from Louise way back when she was adapting a Burda One Seam Pant Pattern, then taught it to MANY gals at my shop both lecture demo format, and workshop. Many who hadn't sewn in years came to this workshop (4 hours) and left wearing a great pair of pants. We were both always SEW happy! Do need a soft fabric though. Slinky knit is great - though you MUST stay the crotch, and compare it to the pattern before proceeding with the waist treatment - to make sure that crotch length didn't grow while sewing!

Chime in here - what are YOUR favorite pant pattern(s) and why?????
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This should be a lively discussion.

I have a deal going out in my Newsletter today - FREE Pant Comparison Chart on many of the independent pattern company's pant patterns with purchase of ANY pant pattern from my site - through September 13.

Sewing hugs,


Anonymous said...

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Londa said...

Teresa writes:
Just got the email regarding pants patterns and I have to put my vote in for the pants in the Mimosa pattern by Sewing workshop. They fit the best of any pants pattern I have used (Euro, soho, oxford). Just thought you need to include it too. I am a "pear", and the waistline was nearly perfect, so often it is higher in the front and too short in the back. Just though you'd like another opinion. Thanks.

Kathy in Ohio said...

Gosh Londa I had to think about this. I have not tried a new pant pattern in quite awhile. I have Louise's One Seams drafted for soft wovens, knit and slinky. I have a pleated pant and a flat front pant that has morphed from a Vogue pattern from years ago and I recently bought Dress Shop and have a very well fitting foldover elastic knit pant. With the older patterns I have tweaked the legs to take out some of the fabric that was popular a few years ago and I have straightened the legs to get away from the severe taper of a few years ago. I am short, chubby and somewhat long waisted so the alterations can be legion. I worked long and hard to get a good look and fit from about mid thing on up and I tend to lean on these patterns as staples. I get so tired of messing with a pattern that I lose interest in getting it into fabric.

Ritzy said...

This is my first post, so please bear with me. Love, love, love the Sewing Workshop basic pant pattern for tencel.ooh,so comfy, almost like wearing jammies!Then Burda one seam pant but don't care for them as a "short".Loved the Soho until the invisible zipper broke,drats!!

Londa said...

Ritzy -
PLEASE tell me and others specifically which Sewing Workshop pattern you are referring to. The only one I know of by the name Basic Pant is from the Textile Studio...

Ritzy said...

Sorry, I mis-spoke, the Basic Pant pattern I referred to is from Textile Studio.

Joan said...