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Friday, August 26, 2005

Emergency Needs in Israel

I have worked for a couple of years with a dear sewing friend, Dr. Deborah - who is in Israel.
She has put together a sewing relief type of organization and I have sent (and directed many others) to send our extra sewing stuff to her.
Her email is: so write to her if you have something you don't need and would like to donate it to her!!!! She is quite fearful of the future right now and for the Fall there in Israel. Regardless of your political position, these are fellow women who need our help.

Additionally, I have placed a listing at this link: of other items that the people displaced with the evacuation of the Gaza and West Bank are in great need of....

Let's share what we have!
I'm trying as well here - in the Comments - to place complete copies of the emails Dr. Deborah has sent to me so that you can read of what is going on from perhaps a totally different viewpoint than what we get through our news here in the U.S.

As a Christian, I have travelled to Israel (Feb 2000) and have a great love and respect for this country of my religious heritage.


1 comment:

Mal (mumtomanyuk) said...

Here in the UK we saw the families having to leave the Gaza and West Bank but nothing after that.
Our news has been full of the Hurricane and its aftermath.

The needs of these families is just as great and politics should not enter into it.