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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

update fr Londa

I'm still here - just somewhat pre-occupied, and needing my son's help to learn how to better post pictures. :)
He's been camping (spring break) - though I've put it on his 'to do dear' list for the day...

Meanwhile - I keep making Orange stuff to sell for our fighting Illini sports fans - we're gonna go to the Final 4 NCAA! I'm convinced...

Hugs to all,

1 comment:

Joan said...

Londa,when you learn the best way to post pix, be sure to inform us too. Now that I have your Loes Hinse pattern for the Shawl Collar Jacket and all your good 'helps', I will be making a 'wearable muslin' soon and would like to show it here.

You gotta' know, though that I am reallly a dolt in manuevering my way around in this domain and will need some really step-by step instructions. So hope your son comes up with something simple.
At the present time I am putting any photos that I want to share on Yahoo Ask him, please,
if that is a good idea to use for this site.