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Friday, March 11, 2005

How To Accept Londa's Blogger Invitation

Several of those I've invited to join into this Blog (current Londa's Chat Members) have let me know the've 'failed' at actually getting through the joining process...

I hope this is helpful direction for you. I'm fully aware that lots of us (note, I include myself in this category) are somewhat 'computer-challenged' as they say... :) :)

Follow these directions:
1. The invitation email you will receive has a link - either click on (which may or may not work for you) OR copy and paste it into your browser.

To copy and paste:
Highlight the link: whatever yours is... with your mouse
Then hold down Control key and hit the 'c' to 'copy' (this is a shortcut)
up at the top: Edit, then select 'Copy'
Go to your Internet - the "e'' - put your cursor in the Address line and then

hold down Control key and hit the 'v' to 'paste' (this is a shortcut)
Up at the top: Edit, then 'Paste'..........

This will take you to the Blogger Screen to accept the invitation...

I'm assuming most of you do NOT have a Blogger Account - so you need to click on the
Create an Account" below where it says "Not a Blogger User?"

The next screen - you will choose a 'User Name' (you may need to get creative, for example, for me "Londa" was already 'used' - so I had to come up with another 'user name'. Make a note of what you use!

Then - enter in a password - and then re-enter it. They must be the same! Make a note of what you use!

(Many people use the same password for lots of their internet accounts - my dear Son tells me this is not a good idea - for security reasons - so I have a Rolodex thingie by my computer where I keep track of the User Name and Password I use for all my different 'accounts'...)

Put a check in the Acceptance of Terms box

Click on Continue in lower right hand corner

This will bring you to a window (page) where you see the dates and posts - and you can click on 'View' over to the right of each post to read them...
To post yourself - just click on "Create New Post"

If you have trouble, just email me at, and I will re-issue you another invite, as it is my understanding that if you 'mess this up' you need to be 're-invited'. This may seem like alot of trouble - but it really is a way I can control who joins our Londa's Creative Sewing Chatter Blog.

Next thing I'm going to post is a picture of myself in my "Comfort Jacket" - as soon as my hubby gets home and can snap a picture. I wear this 'thing' every day - it is my 'comfort piece of clothing'. It has loose, but short sleeves - tight at the bottom (short enough not to get wet when doing dishes, and doesn't get in my way while sewing), also has pockets (for my glasses!). In fact, it's really even missing 2 buttons! I really need to take time out of my 'production schedule' to make myself a new one - these fabrics I have on my site are ones that are'auditioning in my brain...' : Brown Plain Minkee - or maybe even the Hot Pink Minkee . I'll bet we all have a piece of clothing like this - and I think it would be a real 'hoot' to see everyone's! :)


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