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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hinse Shawl Collar Jkt vs Kimono Jkt Collar

Someone had asked about the comparison of the Shawl Collar Jacket collar with the Kimono Jacket Collar -
As I'm writing my Londa's 2 Cents on the Shawl Jacket this morning, I pulled them out to compare...

1. The Kimono Jacket is wide, and meant to fold on itself in half depth wise - and folds back completely form the neck edge. It is cut straight - so it is bound to stand up some at the back of the neck. I haven't made this one yet. Looking at it though, instead of making it a double thickness, onoe could cut it half as wide, or maybe a tad more - and fray that outer edge.

Speaking of frayed edges - got a hoot out of seeing 'frayed' trim for sale with the like fabric at Hancock's. Do they really think we aren't smart enough to take a strip, fring it ourselves, and insert in the seam??? Oh wel...

2. The Shawl Collar Jacket has more shape to the body, and interesting subtle shaping to the front edge - not so on the Kimono Jacket.
Shawl also has a shorter version - the 'short' on on the Kimono is quite long.

3. Both constructions have that seam of joining the collar exposed inside the jacket - quick, but not to my taste....

1 comment:

Joan said...

Londa, I appreciate your comments comparing the Kimono and Shawl Collar Jackets. I was not very happy with the fit of the Kimono on me. I need to make some kind of FBA and make an upper back adjustment also if I were to sew it again. And I wasn't pleased about how the collar hung/draped on one side ( whadya' think, sound like directional sewing needed?)
I think the body of the shawl pattern sounds like it has more appeal to me and I did like how you treated the collar and I think I would do that even in a spongy rayon, or something drapey
with a slight stretch to it, which is probaly what I would use.
I also have made Loes' Bolero Jacket three times and I like it.