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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Granny-to-be here sewed nursery stuff all day...

Thinking perhaps our little Cole hasn't decided to join us in this big cold world yet because his nursery wasnt completely ready yet - for 3 hours this afternoon I:
1. Finished the bumper pads ... By the way, who is right: me - who says they just secure around any of the up down rails of the bed -or DDaughter - Mom to be who says the straps need to be long enough to to around the very top rails???
2. A 'skirt' for from the springs down - 3 sided (why do the wall side)?
3. A plastic covered 2" foam 'top' for our shabby chic dresser that will serve as the changing table. Couldn't believe a piece of form 24" x 24" cost $10.00!!!!

Still to do: a fitted sheet, and re-covering the rocker. :(
The puppy they got a few weeks ago kept attacking the tape measure around my neck.
I think they got the dog so they could legitimately start talking 'baby talk'!
She (pupppy) has helped work out some discipline ideas though.

I think (hope) I'm learning to say less of what I think than I ever imagined............ :)

HINT: Had her break out the baby powder (did you know it comes in different fragrances now????) and I had a small bowl of it at the machine to rub on the plastic like 'silicone' so that the machine foot would glide over that stuff instead of get 'stuck'. Worked like a charm.

This IS the week! Will induce labor on Friday if it hasn't happened by then...

I'm trying to decide if I should go ahead with my Grandma Specials on my site - thinking I actually have more time NOW to be filling orders than later this week.... What do you think??

I'm so excited - I wonder if I'll be able to sleep. Remember - this is my first 'pregnancy' experience - so 'bear' with me here...

Excited Granny-to-be.


Joan said...

Aaaaaaaaah, the anticipation of 'grannyhood'. I can totally appreciate your excitement.
I am looking forward to some pictures when Cole arrives, need we even have to ask?

Kathy in Ohio said...

I so understand too Londa. My grandsons are 13, 12 and 16 months. It was a long dry spell until little Elliott was born. Still one son and DIL who have informed me that they will start soon. Kind of hoping for a girl...

The 2 oldest are my daughter's and I do remember walking around with the phone under my arm. She is 2 1/2 hours away so I had the car packed for a couple of weeks waiting for "the call."