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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Euro Pants

I think I told you before we started blogging that I was going to make a muslin of Loes Hinse Euro Pants. Well I don't have the fit perfected yet and I think I am bored with them. I can only work on them in short spurts because I am still recovering from Total Knee Replacement surgery and I have tweaked and tweaked and I still am not satisfied with them. I still have a slight drag line from the bottom of my derrierer (sp) pointing to my knee. Anybody got any ideas???


Londa said...

Joan -
Is this occurring on both legs?
Try hiking up the center back at the waist - see what that might do.
What is the fabric?
I don't really think much of working real hard on a fabric unlike what the actual garment will be made much depends on the drape of the fabric!

Joan said...

Londa, yes I did try that and it did help and when I did that it seemed that I needed to scoop out the crotch seam about 1/2" right in the curve where it goes over the fullest part of my hips. It almost seems that the back pattern piece should be cut another size smaller. I did do that already as a matter of course, which I do many times, especially on pants with fairly full legs. I have a stomach in front and my front thighs seem to need the room also.
As far as the fabric, this is some el cheapo bottom weight blend that was free to me and it is very similar to what I plan to use.
Perhaps I should just go for it and see how it turns out.

Joan said...

Well, I did finish the uh, 'wearable' muslin of the Euro Pants.
I wore them to an ASG Community Sew Day on Sat. Everyone thought they looked very good in back and just needed a little tweaking for some of the fullnes in the front, just above the crotch. I'm not sure I will make another pair soon. The lower legs are fuller than I usually wear and I have other pant patterns that fit me better. Ya' just gotta' try something different sometime, though.